The European Handball Federation (EHF) is the umbrella organisation for 49 member federations and three associated federation (Kosovo, England and Scotland) – stretching to all corners of the European continent – with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Since its foundation in November 1991, the EHF has taken on the role of ambassador to European handball.



HUCK- Is leadership in production of sports , construction, protective and industrial nettings. Since the beginning HUCK has been focusing in sport industry. Protective nets can be seen on many soccer fields and volleyball nets in indoor halls all around Europe and World. HUCK is also the biggest distributor for beach volleyball in Poland.


SPALDING- has been established since 1876.Since beginning company has been producing high quality sport equipment. Since 1983 Spalding ball is official ball for NBA League. Spalding has been working together with DBB ( German Bundeslige) and LNB ( French League).


POLANIK-Polish Company specializing in track and field sport equipment. Recently Polanik has offered additional equipment for transport and storage of sport equipment as well as textiles and track and field shoes.



Haspo Sportgeräte was established in 1976 by Gunter Lawes and his partners. It's the biggest producer of aluminium sports equipment in Europe. Haspo's equipment is a synonym of quality and reliability, confirmed by presence of the products allover the world.




MG-13- Martin Gortat’s Fundation has been established since 2009. Its trying to help young people to achieve their sport dreams.MG-13 has offering professional coach training and financial help connecting young basketball players with European and American professionals.

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