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Suspended backstop with an electric drive made from steel box profiles to ensure complete stability of individual components during the game.

The backstop is lifted and lowered using steel lines wound onto a drum of an electric motor.

The entire structure is affixed to supporting components of the roof. The motor is controlled using the control keys in the control box or by means of a remote control. Once lifted, the structure mounting the back-board folds in parallel to the floor.

The entire structure is powder coated. 

The back-board is made from acrylic glass and is mounted on the metal frame without the need to drill holes. The bottom and side edges of the back-board are protected with padding ensuring user safety. The tilting basketball ring is made from a steel rod with a diameter of 18 mm, powder coated in its entirety. The ring is equipped with special hooks enabling the net to be affixed quickly and without the need to use additional materials.

Our realizations:

Hala Sportowa MOSIR Kielce 2015

Hala Sportowa Gać 2015

Hala Sportowa przy Szkole Podstawowej w Karłowicach 2013

Hala widowiskowo-sportowa Uniwersytet Warszawski

Hala widowiskowo-sportowa Środa Śląska

Hala widowiskowo-sportowa Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji Strzelce Opolskie

Hala Sportowa Wyższej Szkoły Biznesu Płock

Hala widowiskowo-sportowa Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji Białołęka Warszawa



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