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Delivery and assembly included:

- Professional handball goals developed and produced in collaboration with the EHF. Goals are approved by the European Handball Federation.

- Goal nets made of polypropylene 4mm thickness, depth 100/100cm, fully fitted with special rubber cords, which provide greater flexibility and impact resistance of the grid.

- Professional retarding nets for handball goals made of polypropylene eye size 10 x 10 cm with a load to prevent tangling, allowing for faster start of the action by the goalkeepers.

Goal nets and retarding nets inside the goals were made to provide the greatest durability in tandem with lack of visibility limitation of sponsors advertisement, which are placed behind the goals.

- Retarding nets behind the goals made from polypropylene, strand thickness 3 mm, eye 10 x 10 cm, colour black. Colour and eye size of the net is chosen to not intrude on spectators and media transmission, also it fulfils its basic function - catching missed shots.

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