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Golf is said to be a sport for rich people with high social status, but it can be played by everyone – you only need to truly want to play it and middling physical condition. Even if it’s not so popular in Poland as it is in England or USA, more and more people want to try it. We can find more and more golf courses in our country, it allows professional and amateur players to practise.

No matter if you are playing golf recreationally or professionally, it is really necessary to protect area of the course.  It can be really big area which has to be protected by fence. It happens, that the ball will go out of the course, that’s why barrier netting is needed. It not only stops balls, but also protects objects, which are around the golf course. Barrier netting is necessary equipment if you want to be sure about safety.

What should be barrier netting for golf course?

Perfect eye size should be 2 x 2 cm, with strand thickness 5 mm – it is tested, the most effective type of net, which will guarantee full protection during the game. Our barrier netting is made from polypropylene, so they are durable and resistant to different weather conditions. Thanks to them, golf match can be played safely and calmly.