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Ice rinks need special protection. During the match hockey puck can move with speed higher even than 180 km/h – being hit by puck can not only cause pain, but can also provide to injuries. Without special protection of the rink, you cannot play a game: it is necessary to assembly nets resistant to hits and rending. The best and the most effective protection is now available with barrier netting.

Basic function of retarding net is to catch hockey pucks, which are hitting the net with great strength. It is necessary to provide proper protection of the ice rink and its surroundings, because there is risk of being injured by hit puck. Solid, thick nets are necessary element of protection equipment.

Calm and unstressed watching is guaranteed by barrier netting. It will stop every ice puck.

What should be the barrier netting for the ice rink?

First thing – they should be resistant to any kind of mechanical damages – their function is to protect tribunes and people sitting on them from speeding ice pucks.  We are offering you our barrier netting with small eyes, high density, which will stops ice puck from hitting the audience. Optimal net for the ice rink is made from polypropylene, its eyes size is 3 x 3 cm, with strand thickness 5 mm. Those parameters will guarantee safety during every match. Height of the net is also important – the ice puck can be hit really high, so the barrier netting has to protect whole area around the rink. Correctly chosen net provides also lack of lost pucks or necessity of breaks during the game.