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Playing tennis, that’s the thing! Actively spend time is a great way to relax after work – tennis is one of the most popular sports, no matter what season of the year is now. During summer time, you can go play on outdoor courts, and during winter and autumn – to sports hall. If we want the game to be safe, we need to have retarding net.

Barrier netting is necessary element of tennis court. This type of sport is characterized by strong, unpredictable shots – that’s why area around the court should be protected. Ball, which has high speed can done a lot of damages, hit the audience. Thanks to retarding net, ball will not go out of the court, and the net will protects everything what is near to the court. A lot depends on court’s location, but one thing is certain: nets have to be durable and resistant to hits.

Balls, during tennis game, move really fast and sometimes they go in direction we haven’t expected. To provide comfort and safety for audience, it is necessary to assembly retarding net. There is 3 types of retarding net for this discipline: one is for dividing courts, second for protection of the spectators and third for getting them back on court. To fully enjoy this game, it is essential to mount proper nets.

Optimal solution is retarding net with eye size 4,5 x 4,5 cm and strand thickness of 3 mm – it will meets with every safety