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Football and volleyball are two of the most popular sports in Poland – especially the second one. No matter if it’s beach or indoor volleyball, it always gives us a lot of optimistic emotions and a enjoyment.  There is nothing better than playing on sunny day, with warm sand underneath foots. It brings out memories of summer and great fun. It is healthy to play volleyball!

This sports discipline is one of the most popular team games and has a lot of advantages. No matter if you are playing it recreationally or professionally, it makes you more fit, you can easier concentrate, teaches you team work. Volleyball players are agile and fast, they have perfect reflex and they can quickly come up with strategy of the game. To make volleyball match to go safely and without unnecessary breaks, it is really important to take care of protection of the court. Both, beach and hall volleyball, need to have barrier between court and tribunes – during the match, ball can go in unexpected way. To avert this kind of situations we need to assembly barrier netting all around the court. Thanks to it, players will not have to think about hurting someone by wrong play, and they can focus on the game.

Thanks to the retarding net volleyball matches can be played safely – ball will not go out of the court and will not be a threat to the audience. Barrier netting provides full comfort of the same. Retarding net should be made from durable material, resistant to many hits. Optimal nets height is between 3 and 6 m (it depends where the match is play – on beach or sports hall) and eyes size 10 x 10 cm.