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The Symbol : 22 TPD 23

Call and ask: +48 12 649 14 83

PARAMETERS DISPLAYED:                                                                                             
*actual time / game time (0 – 99 min),                                                                      
*score (0 – 9 points),                                                                                                    
*logo of the owner / user, (town’s coat of arms),                                                
*user name,                                                                                                                       *team names, There is space available for the text display (can be optionally extended).                                                                     
TECHNICAL DATA:                                                                                                             *dimensions approx. 2500 x 1600 mm, (target)                                                  
*display modules: LED, height 305 mm, colour: red and amber, encased in a drip-proof housing, the front is protected with polycarbonate with an anti-reflective coating.                                                
Visibility: approx. 150 m,                                                                                           
Control: remote control                                                                                                              
Descriptive graphics: made from vinyl foil resistant to adverse weather conditions. The scoreboard is designed to house a text display with dimensions of approx. 1500 x 150 mm. The display unit is installed using the same method as the display modules (optional). The text display is controlled by means of a computer keyboard.
Frame of the scoreboard: made from enclosed profiles, protected with an anti-corrosion coating and painted black.
Assembly: on top of a free-standing structure constructed by the ordering party, according to the technical drawings supplied by the seller.
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