Installation, maintenance, inspection of sports equipment

Effective sports practice - both at amateur and professional level, requires proper equipment, which is modern, reliable, and above all safe for the athletes and tailored to their needs. We offer comprehensive service of installation, inspection and maintenance of sports equipment. Feel free to browse our offering.

Professional installation of sports equipment in sports facilities and for organisers of sports events.

The success of sports competitions and training depends to a large extent on the quality and reliability of equipment. Typically, it is the job of the organisers of sports events to provide sports equipment and they face a particular responsibility in respect to it. Faulty sports equipment may deprive the athletes of the pleasure from competing in sports events, ad take away viewers’ satisfaction, but may also pose a risk for human life and health. In case of accidents involving faulty or incorrectly installed equipment, usually the organiser is held liable.

For this reason it is worth to buy modern and reliable sports equipment and care for professional installation.  Our specialists will assist you in selecting and supplying sports equipment suited to your needs. Then you may use our comprehensive installation services. Owing to the efforts of our experienced employees, you may be sure that the purchased equipment is properly installed and safe to use.

Comprehensive offer

It is important to know that you may contract to us the installation of the equipment purchased in our shop and from other manufacturers. We offer a prompt and efficient delivery of the purchased equipment to a desired location, followed by a professional installation. Our offering includes the equipment for practising may sports disciplines such as football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, athletics or hockey.  We provide installation of stands, seats and electronic scoreboards. We also supply gym equipment. You may count on our specialist knowledge and professionalism.

Inspection and maintenance of sports equipment

To have every confidence that the equipment used is fully operational and safe, it not enough to have good quality equipment installed in a proper manner. It is also necessary to have regular control and appropriate maintenance. For this reason we also offer inspection of sports equipment. Whilst we make every effort to guarantee the highest quality equipment, under no circumstances you should resign from regular inspections. Pursuant to the Polish law, sports equipment in sports halls or on sports fields must be inspected on a regular basis for any damage or failure. Failing to fulfil this requirement is subject to severe penalties. We also offer maintenance of sports equipment - if you observe any problems with the purchased equipment, we will promptly and efficiently fix the fault.

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