Accessories for tennis

Tennis is often associated with prestigious sport. In fact, not only the wealthy, but also all fans of this sport have been playing it for years. However, this does not change the fact that every sports field for this sport should be equipped with high-quality accessories. Thanks to this, the game will run at a really high level. The perfect game finally starts with the perfect equipment and equipment, which are, among others tennis court accessories.


The tennis court equipment consists of many elements. The most important element of the tennis field are not only the tennis posts but also the net. In the end, it divides the field in half and marks the opponent's fields. We offer various accessories that will allow you to install the net and keep it in the right place. The offer includes such equipment items as:

  • aluminum supports for single games;
  • center tapes for tennis net;
  • tennis center tape load;
  • sports net hangers;
  • ground hooks for the center tapes.
All these accessories are made of high quality materials that allow long-term use and their safe operation. These elements allow not only the installation of the net, but also its storage (hangers for sports net). Therefore, the equipment allows not only its use during the season, but also storage during the period when we are not using it.


A good tennis court is a well-kept court. Therefore, regular maintenance of the game space is necessary. It is for this purpose that accessories for maintenance were created. They include:

  • brushes for cleaning tennis lines;
  • court sweeping brushes.
Of course, maintaining order is mainly based on sweeping the tennis court, which in itself is not a troublesome surface. It is resistant to weather conditions and regular operation. However, it will serve even longer, when after each game the garbage and pollution will be removed from it. The situation is similar with court lines. They are the markers of fields, and their visibility can often determine the outcome of the game.


A way to maintain the tennis court is to use nets to level the surface of the court. They should be used after using the court. They are made of a plastic coated polyester fabric. Such a net is fixed on a wooden slat to which a pull rope is attached. Depending on the mesh size, court maintenance is more or less intensive. The smaller the meshes, the more effective the care. However, the real key to success is, in fact, regularity of taking care of the court. So it's time to learn about our tennis accessories.