Personalization of sports equipment

To meet your expectations, we have launched a sports equipment personalization service, which consists in adjusting the equipment colours, prints, padding to the individual needs and expectations of the user.

At the customer’s request, Sport Transfer can change the colours of offered sports equipment to any colour from the RAL palette.

Our service also includes individual paddings for volleyball posts. We make them on a special order, in any colour and with any logo.

The side screen for the umpire stand is also an ideal surface to place a sponsor's or club's advertisement in any colour.

We also produce prints on volleyball and beach volleyball net’s tapes, according to previously prepared visualization.

In our range of personalizing sports equipment you will also find tennis screens on which we apply logos and advertisements of sponsors, club names, etc.

On request, we also make customized sports nets adapted to the sports equipment owned by the customer.

You are looking for what is original, surprising and unusual. Our individualization of sports equipment is the answer to your expectations.