Beach volleyball nets

Playing beach volleyball is impossible without a proper net. We have made every effort to ensure that our store's range includes nets resistant to overloads and external influences. We offer various models of beach volleyball nets, depending on their purpose, guaranteeing their high quality, durability, stability and safety. Read more...
The assortment offered by Sport Transfer includes both standard and professional nets, which will undoubtedly work in all conditions.

Due to the fact that the beach volleyball net is exposed to a number of external factors, it should be characterized by remarkable resistance to moisture, high temperatures and water. In addition, it should be able to withstand overloads resulting from the course of the game - ball hits, attacks or blocks used by players.

That is why the beach volleyball nets we offer are made of the highest quality materials. The combination of polypropylene material and Kevlar elements allows for maximum strength properties of the mesh, minimizing its temperature expansion. Our volleyball nets are therefore resistant to stretching, which means that their structure has not been constantly damaged as a result of strong weather conditions (e.g. rain or intense sunlight).

The net's resistance is also influenced by its weave. Beach volleyball net offered by our store has a 2-3 mm strand thickness, thanks to which it is extremely resistant to overloading during play, any shocks and abrasions, while guaranteeing effective ball stopping.

Beach volleyball safety and comfort is also ensured by proper and stable net mounting. With this in mind, we only have nets that guarantee a stable connection with the post structure. In addition, some nets have side reinforcements with polyester rods. Thanks to such solutions, it is possible to stretch the net evenly and no inequalities occure, and playing volleyball becomes pleasant, comfortable and safe.

Of course, all beach volleyball nets included in our range are made in accordance with the standard of the International Volleyball Federation - FIVB. In addition, the quality of our products has been confirmed at major international events (e.g. Grand Slam and World Tour in beach volleyball). The company is distinguished by over 20 years of experience, which guarantees the highest quality of services and products offered. Dozens of facilities in Poland and Europe have trusted us.