Umpire chair for tennis

Tennis tournaments can be extremely exciting. In addition, it's hard to imagine a tournament without a referee watching over the correct course of the tournament. However, so that no significant moment of the game escapes the umpire's attention, he must have a properly prepared stand, enabling him to observe the game freely. Therefore, our offer could not lack aumpire chair for tennis.


The umpire chair allows the referee to comfortably follow different types of tournaments - both amateur and professional. In almost every sport, the smallest detail - the element or moments of the game is very important and can decide the fate of a given game. Therefore, tennis umpire chair must provide the referee with the right perspective, be comfortable and secure.


We offer tennis equipment in the form of umpire stands in two variants:

  • standard;
  • professional.
The standard tennis umpire chair is made of steel profiles that have been powder coated. It has a comfortable and resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions seat made of polypropylene. The umpire stand in the standard version is foldable with the possibility of attaching it to the ground in open facilities, which allows it to be used on various types of courts.

In turn, the professional tennis umpire chair is made of anodized aluminum profiles, which significantly increases their service life through better corrosion resistance and makes it easier to keep clean. In addition, our professional tennis court umpire chair has a comfortable and durable, fully secure polypropylene seat. The professional tennis umpire chair has been manufactured in accordance with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) standard.

To increase the comfort of the judge, the umpire chair has been additionally equipped with:
  • fold-out writing stand for the judge;
  • a shelf made of polypropylene mesh placed under the seat for at least a towel or a drink.
The umpire stands for tennis, both in the professional and standard versions, will certainly ensure that the referee has proper safety and comfort in tracking every tennis tournament. High quality materials were used to make them. Therefore, the tennis courts meet all required norms and standards. In addition, they are extremely comfortable to use - they are foldable and can be mounted to the ground on open objects.

Our offer includes high-class tennis equipment that ensures comfort and safety during trainings and tournaments. They are suitable for both professionals and amateurs whose passion is tennis.