Court divider nets

With the arrival of spring, everyone is arming themselves with new sports equipment. It is the spring that is usually the biggest motivation to move off the couch, start an adventure with sport, make shape. Good quality sports equipment, both for private use, as well as for professional sports fields, courts and sports halls, are necessary equipment that will certainly be quickly appreciated by users.

Good organization of game fields is the basis for the halls and sports halls to be organized in a way that guarantees safety and at the same time allows for the best use of space. The best quality sports equipment, having the necessary approvals and a long warranty, is the best investment.


Tennis courts are a great idea for a business related to sport - although tennis is still rather an elite sport, more and more people are convinced by it and start their adventure.

Well-organized tennis courts, which can be used throughout the year regardless of the weather, will certainly meet with great interest from users, especially in large cities.

To organize the space in the best and most economical way possible, you will need sports nets separating the courts. The best ones are made of very high-strength polypropylene - a one-time investment will pay off for years, so the net separating the court will not tear.

Such protective nets allow the simultaneous use of the object even by several pairs of players. They come in several of the most popular colors - green, white and dark green.

The dimensions of such a sports net are 2.5x40 m or 3x40m. The set also includes:

  • steel line 38 m long,
  • tensioning elements for two pieces,
  • load on the lower edge Pb 200 g/lm,
  • nylon carabiners 3 pcs/1 lm
We can also make a net in any size.


Excellent quality barrier nettings for a tennis court are another necessary investment thanks to which a tennis court will be equipped with the best quality sports equipment. These types of nets for barrier netting are made of polypropylene, which is an extremely strong, flexible, durable and well-absorbing material. The possibility of making a barrier netting of various dimensions is a way to meet the expectations of customers. It is possible to make any length of the barrier netting.

These types of barrier nettings are suitable for use outdoors as well as in indoor tennis courts.