Tennis screens

Tennis is becoming more and more popular. Children and adults, women and men play it. However, the comfort of the game is determined not only by the skills, but above all by the equipment of the tennis court. Therefore, it is worth preparing the place to play as best as possible. Important are not only the accessories directly related to the game, but also such elements as tennis screens. What are tennis screens and what are they for?


Tennis screens are designed to protect the court from the sun and other atmospheric factors. Most often they are attached to the fence. They are usually made of: polypropylene, polyamide, polyethylene. These materials are resistant to sun rays, various types of rainfall and gusts of wind, but at the same time are breathable. Their installation is quick and simple, in addition, the design ensures safe installation that does not damage the fence.


Tennis screens have two basic functions. The first is to protect the court against sunlight. This allows you to minimize the heating of the tennis court, and thus protects against excessive wear. In addition, lower heating of the court means a lower temperature prevailing on it, and the lower the temperature, the greater the comfort of the game. The second aspect, which is often the reason why screems on tennis courts go so often, is the desire to hide from the sight of bystanders. Of course, tennis, like any other sport, requires focus and concentration. The screens allow the court to be isolated and insulated for a quiet game.


It would seem, however, that the tennis screen does not have such a big impact on the players' game. In fact, its role is very big. Here are some basic features of the tennis screen and their impact on a beneficial game:

  • shield from sunlight - allows you to maintain a lower temperature on the court, and thus greater comfort of the game;
  • isolation from the area outside the court - maintaining intimacy, increasing the concentration of players;
  • windbreak - it is extremely important during the game, when the wind can affect the ball's movement and impact strength;
  • smaller court operation - indirectly, the tennis screen affect the maintenance of the court in a better condition, which in turn allows you to use the court much longer, while maintaining high quality ground.


Of course, this is not as crucial as the other issues, but it is worth adding that tennis screens make the court look professional. It's hard to remember the court without the screens, where the biggest competitions take place. Therefore, mounting tennis screens on smaller courts allows players to feel like professionals on famous courts.

It is worth considering buying and installing tennis screens, because it can bring much more benefits than you might think. Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.