Lotnicza Akademia Wojskowa (Polish Air Force University), Dęblin 2020, Poland

Delivery and installation of sports pitch equipment at the Polish Air Force University in Dęblin included the execution of the ball-stops around the pitches for:

- beach volleyball,

- volleyball,

- basketball,

- handball,

- three tennis courts.

The fence of the pitches is made of ball-stops on galvanized and graphite-painted steel poles made in two heights: 4.0m and 2.0m. The ball-stops are equipped with a 4mm thick polypropylene net with a variable mesh size of 10x10cm on sports fields and 4.5x4.5cm on tennis courts. On each of the pitches, entrance wickets and entrance gates filled with 2D fencing panels were installed.

The whole complex is also equipped with sports equipment. On the volleyball and beach volleyball pitches, professional posts, referee's stands and guards for volleyball posts and referee's stands were installed, additionally made with the logos of the Polish Air Force University. The basketball court consists of two-pillar external structures with a 2.20 m overhang, together with mechanisms for height adjustment of the board. Handball - galvanized steel goals with nets. Tennis courts are equipped, among other things, with net tennis poles, referee's stands. 

The whole pitch equipment was made according to the user's wishes in graphite and black colour.

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